Getting to Know: NCLA Nail Polish

I've never been to LA but I know very well that it's a haven for Hollywood wannabes, the home of daisy dukes and loud, exuberant colors, Nicki Minaj type of fashion and characters like Elle Woods of Legally Blonde, Penny of the Big Bang Theory and so many other character stereotypes. I know I will love LA when I eventually visit but for now, I'm happy to get to know this city through the vibrant, loud color, Valley girl life. Ah, such fun!

NCLA is proudest to be five free: no formaldehyde, DBP, toulene, camphor and animal testing. It's every inspired girl's intention, to live as natural as possible but still able to enjoy the innovations of technology and the call of prettifying.

Most recently, NCLA was popular for its nail wraps, which are basically nail stickers but easier to apply. I am particularly enamored with their collaborations like above, with Hello Kitty {who's a girl, not a cat}, Melody Ehsani, Alice and Olivia etc.

My most beloved part though are the nail lacquer names, particularly My Dad Invented This. Heeeee, so Mean Girls!

I had NCLA on my nails for twenty one days when I left in August and I didn't fear --- it was without the bad stuff. I chose Beverly Hills Bunny when spent time at Nails & Co. in Burgos Circle and looking back, it was one of the most relaxing afternoons I've spent.

Style is eternal, after all.

I miss my Beverly Hills Bunny nails, which is an opaque fuchsia shade that dries quickly! Must get a bottle of it now, yes? NCLA is available at Polish PleaseLuxola, and Nails & Co.