Things I Love Sundays: Rain

It's been raining again, but this time, with so much appreciation learned, I am liking the rain.

I remember having a peaceful drive home last night in the rain. I was coming from the PETA theater, and from Quezon City, all in all, from a night of watching a local musical called Rak of Aegis. It was a funny take on the plight of the Philippine chaos -- ridiculous floods, corruption, bribery, haplessness. I enjoyed the show thoroughly, though I don't buy the topic of resiliency anymore. To me, resiliency just retains the status quo.


It had been a great week. It's the kind of week where you feel like a lot of things have turned 180 degrees around. It's the kind that made me feel like a new person --- one where I've gotten new friends, a new perspective in life, learned a whole lot of new skills and ate good food, celebrated birthdays.

The girls and I had one of our epic slumber parties again. Cheers to more than a decade of friendship :)

I've been reading again and while this shelf shows mostly chick lit, I can't put down Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential :) I'm almost done!

Waking up to U2's free album on my playlist is a blessing not an invasion of my privacy. I know Apple enough to be too cool to invade my privacy when needed.

Is it me or is it really exciting to change toothpastes and toothbrush? Especially if it's a wee bit unique, too :)

Girly details remind me how fun it is to be a girl :)

But even then, one ends up as one of the boys :P Currently watching: Perfume (2006)

Listening to:  the sound of the fan

Thinking: Paris, of course. Can't wait to see you, Paris.

Loving: that I haven't worn makeup in a week and no one seems to notice.

Looking forward to another week of learning, celebrations this week, an afternoon of girl power and beauty this Sunday and more Anthony Bourdain before sleeping every night. 

Happy Sunday, my dearest!
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