London Calling

I'm actually in Paris now but thoughts of a London are lingering in my head. To date, one of the cities that captured my attention span is only the world's most expensive city: London.

My friends and I are currently in this part of the globe --- a decision I initially had nothing to do with. Someone suggested it and since I've never been before, I just went. And now here I am.

At first, I had no "feels" for the city and in fact did not do much research at all. When we arrived, it had been raining and it was gray everywhere. My memories of London are from movies like About Time, vignettes of street musicians playing at the Underground, while the lovers traipsed around. I remember seeing its streets in Notting Hill, in Bridget Jones' Diary, in Closer. It's not quite crazy like New York, or gritty romantic like Paris but it's just as interesting, just as unique.

London is that city that's proper. It's a man --- it's a man with it's well-tailored suits, its penchant for the opera, the musicals and fine clothing. In the metro, you can find him reading The Evening Standard. Sometimes, it's also the life of Martin Luther King. During weekends, he may be at the tube with this Great Dane. He carries a hooded jacket because it rains every hour or so in London. His shoes are of fine leather though, so the rain is not a problem. It's a man who falls in love, and sometimes this man falls in love with a Parisienne.

Happy Sunday!