Rock the No Makeup Look

If there's one thing I learned from forgetting my makeup bag home when I went on vacation, is that the best way to deal about it is practice not using too many makeup. I once heard this quote, that the more times we wore less makeup, the more we look better without it. I thought that being in a faraway place was no place to be experimenting with new makeup, possible breakouts, not to mention, it was autumn, and the weather was taking a nosedive at 6C.

It was amazing grace that I did not forget my skincare bag because otherwise, it would have been a different story and I would have been forced to look for things that will work on my skin in London.

While I eventually got a few items from Rimmel and borrowed my friend's Happy Skin stash, I mostly relied on my skincare to tide me over and make me look decent in European autumn.

Here are the skincare stuff that've helped me survive cold weather:

  • Kiehl'sSuper Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum. First, the skin around the eyes is the thinnest on the body --- so it's important to treat this area with utmost care. I remember the days I was super tired to function -- but I would always have energy to apply eye serum. The eyes are always the window to how the soul is functioning and I'd like mine to look really youthful and vibrant.
  • The Body Shop Instablur Eye {PHP 895}. Remember this amazing innovation from The Body Shop? They also came up with an eye version, which has yellow tone, enhances eyeshadow vibrancy and blurring eye imperfections. LOVE!

Here's a little headshot from Laduree in Champs Elysees where I look semi-decent. I had broke out a bit but nothing too serious.

Got any tips for rocking a no make up look?
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