When in Doubt, Just Sparkle

There was this day, a particularly confusing day. In a corporate bella's life, sometimes a day can just be so --- full of friction. Most days, I feel like I am tailor-fitting myself into a corporate version of me. This one is appropriate, knows all the right answers, can present anything, everything in the world at the bat of an eyelash and wear neutral colors.

Sometimes, I am dying to get out of that person. And when I do, I am thankful to be in the comfort of people who likes shiny, sparkly things as I do.

These are my blogger girls. Kind of a bling ring crew, if you will. These girls were my happy pills. We all came from various places that night but met up for a Benefit event --- where we got to try out Benefit's Bling Brow {a set of Swarovski crystals for the brows}. When I came in, I was just a girl shaking off the seriousness. When I came out, I was a happy girl. It's amazing what women with so much positivity can do, yes?

To be honest -- wearing a sparkly tiara and holding a scepter did the trick, too. How can it not? There just seems to be so much dopamine in holding sparkly things and being in it. If there's anything I learned from all of it? Surround yourself with sparkly things, and with people who make you sparkle!

Happy Tuesday! xx
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Benefit Bling Brow is available at all Benefit stores nationwide.