How Online Shopping Saved the Day

What you can't measure, you can't improve is one of those seemingly boring quotes I live by. It's one of the most powerful, too, though. Nowadays, I measure and track every important aspect of my life: What I ate, how many steps I've taken, how many days my cycle has taken, the days I've been having fun, personal ROI, personal profits and losses.

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Most of the previous years, I've been doing okay with Christmas gift-giving. I say okay because I actually give my gifts around the week of Christmas, with mediocre-thought gifts, gifts I bought because they're the first thing I saw, not what I intended to give. It's usually because shopping, in the Philippines and during Christmas time, can be quite the b*tch.

This Christmas, I want to salute the internet, e-commerce and some of the online stores I've taken to transact with. Because of these amazing stores, my gifts arrived at my home, some wrapped even, on time and no pagod needed from me. You know what's the best reward from it all? Seeing the recipients of my gift enjoy the gifts they received from me and be happier than when I first approached them. I am not gonna lie: my Christmas expenses ballooned by three times (see?) but this is mostly because I buy one of each gift for myself, too. =P


Some of my best online shop secrets below. Take note for next Christmas!

  1. Seek the Uniq. They have the most well-curated website, the most fabulous coffee tables, caftans, home ware, exotic beauty finds and they wrap everything so nicely.

  2. Beauty Bar. It's like shopping inside the Beauty Bar but online -- best thing, is that you can just have it delivered to the person you're giving the gift to!

  3. Zalora. Everything fashionable + cosmetic-related, you can find in this fab online store. I love how you can pay COD, too! And if you're looking for something to give to office mates, or chika friends, here's a collection of stylish undergarments at Zalora. I'm thinking of getting more for myself, too!

  4. Instagram. Most days, IG sellers are pesky and annoying. But the ones who don't make kulit actually sell quirky items which I bought for gifts. Yay!

Any online digs? Share!