Silence is a powerful thing, this much I know.

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur in the dead of night on Thursday. Like many of my travels, it is uneventful: no big welcomes, it's a quiet descent into a foreign land with only a very few people knowing. Like many of those, I come without a plan, except that which to spend time with my best friend for her birthday month. I had then thought to myself, I was not too eager to spend Holy Week in my city where most things have been very boring already.

The road home from the airport was probably the quietest 45 minutes of my life. Lately, I had been living two lives: each of those have been taking so much of my own bandwidth that it had been very exhausting. I'm contemplating on what to give up and what to keep in order to regain balance. Should arrive to a decision soon.

I'm drinking a cocoa cappuccino as I type this on my iPad. There's some comfort in being surrounded by people whose words you don't understand in a busy cafe. In Manila, I find myself saturated with everybody's opinion of everybody. I feel like I'm constantly plagued by everybody's worries, concerns, petty issues. It's so nice to somehow escape all that and just be an unknown and nobody someplace else.

It's a very good feeling.
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