Tara's Christmas Wish List 2015

As I type this, my legs hurt from doing ashtanga yoga after maybe 3 months of not doing any yoga at all. Last night, as I launched into a standing bow, I thought that some parts of my body hurt, parts that I never realized were even there. I thought to myself, "Wow, I can definitely feel being 30!"

Anyway, I wanted to entertain and reward myself right now because I just finished signing a whole bunch of documents. It's Christmas! These are the material things I would want anyone to give me har har.

1. You are Loved boxed set, Shop Olivine, $26. Because I am very particular about my permed hair nowadays, because they look awesome against my dresser, and that is all. :)

2. Kate Spade Stationery. I was in National Book Store, shopping for books to give this Christmas when I chanced upon Kate Spade stationery. So dreamy and classy at the same time!

3. (Rose) Pandora Bracelet. I've been meaning to get one for myself but haven't gotten to do so. I think it'd be nice to start building a story through a Pandora bracelet, that's not too expensive, too :)

Honestly, I already have everything I need and more so these are really just an added bunch of happiness, but happiness nonetheless :P 

What are you wishing for (materialistically, ha ha) this Christmas?