Things I Love Sundays: Galactic Dreams

I FINALLY saw Star Wars, and being a total noob, I loved it. I'd say I'm just a normal fan, nothing like die hard fans, but suffice to say, I'm watching the first two sagas on my flight to NH in less than two days. I'm going to miss Butters most of all but I'm pretty excited to be spending Christmas with my family this season. <3 <3 <3

Tis the season for Christmas parties! Hosted my annual gig (?!) for my Sun Life family as everyone stood still in carmageddon in Manila last Wednesday, fun fun fun. This week saw our Marketing Team at Globe's Hat Party, too :D In the photo above, I'm sitting with my fellow Real Housewives of Globe friends :P BDJBOX arrived for December! As for the weekend, other than spending it soaked in Star Wars, I also spent it with my very best friends {Dang is home!} catching up on life events, things that matter at the end of the day and just being with the people you've grown up with.

All is well in the world :) Happy Christmas week!