Things I Love Sundays: Goodness and Bad

This is a super quick note to pop in and recap the week that was. It's been pretty hectic, what is new, but a good one nonetheless. It has been an especially great Sunday: went to service, completed some errands, caught a movie, had dinner, TWICE! 

Sharing a meal with friends for brunch. Sharing Korean food with beauty junkies like me. Staying late at night to talk about women issues -- it's been a while! Sipping yummy wine. 

Me, my boy, and my Netflix picks: On top of the list is Narcos, starring Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar. I highly recommend watching this with someone you can hide behind as it can get pretty gory and heavy. Another winner is Crazy Ex Girlfriend, which features a little bit of Filipino culture, and third, started Master of None, which is pretty funny. Let's see.

Caught two movies this weekend as well, both of which made me cry :) That said, they're both awesome and super worth my time.

It's been a great week so far, I hope traffic won't be so bad this coming days!