California Dreaming: San Francisco

Happy Monday, darlings! I'm quite surprised of my travel dream today, and for the past few months. You see, I haven't really thought of San Francisco as a dream destination because I generally think of California and I just know it's Hollywood, healthy lifestyles, crazy huge houses in Beverly Hills and a lot of Filipinos, I might as well be in Manila still. Not that it's not a fun thing to do, but in general, I think a lot of Filipinos fly to LA mostly, to visit relatives, which I don't have in LA.

Anyhoo. I'd been doing a lot of reading and in preparation for a friend's wedding in LA next year, I've entertained the thought of visiting San Francisco, ideas of which have come from people in my feed who've spent time there. My best friend C mentioned how she loves San Francisco more than NYC! In my head, I want to walk through the jagged streets of San Francisco, visit Lombard St, Haight and Ashbury. I want to see SIlicon Valley, home of all my tech dreams.

Now that I'm properly stoked, here are some photos I nicked off Pinterest to share how my daydreams look like these days. See you soon, San Francisco!

So excited! See you soon, San Francisco!
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