A Blissful Brunch

You know what my little blog wants to be when it grows up? Something like Martine de Luna's Make It Blissful. It's a chronicles of slow living, enjoying moments that matter, and a lot of blush pink. I've met Martine years ago at a spa event and I knew I was a fan then. But when Martine and Oster, as in the brand of the ever famous blender came up with a brunch slash Instagram workshop, I was surprised to know I was going to be part of it!

It was a fairly rainy day that day but I put on my comfy white shirt and new light pink skinnies. I thought to myself, that someday when I've outgrown the desire to be in the middle of the demanding corporate, tech and digital life, I'd like to be able to wake up and know how to prepare yummy, good looking brunches for my future husband and future kids. It didn't mean that I couldn't learn them now. And it didn't mean I had to wait for a family to start doing it for myself.

I wouldn't need to detail the recipes we all learned that day but suffice to say, and if you look closely at my photos, I've been learning how to bake asparagus with bacon, been making smoothies that taste like something from Jamba Juice {thanks, Rikx!}, met a food blogger I've been a fan for so long now {hi, Joey!}. I can now mix and crush meringue to make Strawberry Eton Mess, ham and corn omelettes! 

More importantly, this blissful brunch paved the way for me to meet and make new friends, expand lifestyle blogging and defy expectations from myself. I used to be perceived as someone who couldn't cook but I can now! And I truly enjoy the experience. I am reminded that we make a living to be able to enjoy the little, beautiful things life has to offer. Thank you, Martine and Oster for the chance.

Make It Blissful Brunch was a collaboration between Martine de Luna, Oster Philippines and Miele.
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