The Truth About Traveling

There was a very interesting article on quitting your day job and going around the world to travel. I figured it was something I was able to relate to lately. While I did not quit my job back home, I am pondering on the truth that lurks behind those glamorized, filtered, on top of the world Instagram photos. Of course I am still thankful I get to travel, I get to have that last youthful Southern Europe trip before I hit my 30s. I also think there's a dearth of truthful, it hurts and it's lonely kind of posts in the Internet about traveling.

1. The truth of the hurting feet. I mistakenly made the choice of climbing up the steps of Museu Nacional Artes de Catalunia right after I've arrived into Barcelona. That's right after 17 hours of traveling. Some minutes into Romanesque art, I started feeling tired and maybe age has something to do with this, too but I had the strange feeling that I wouldn't be able to finish the exhibit. I eventually did, as I mustered all the energy I had in me. However, walking back to my airbnb was a challenge. My feet hurt from climbing so many steps so I just kinda rested the night because of that.

2. It will feel lonely sometimes. I signed up for a tour that was intended for people in their 20s. I thought this was what I wanted. The truth is, I like it, to some degree. I am having fun, this much I admit. I also miss traveling with my family, my friends or a significant other. It's immensely different, I'm glad I tried it and met a few ones I made friends with. I'm also probably not doing it again in the future :)

3. I'm not the hostel type, sadly. I had this fantasy of checking into a hostel and meeting all sorts of cool people - which happened. I just realized I love the luxury of having my own hotel room and the comfort it provides. This is your fault, Kristin Newman :p

4. You won't like everybody and not everybody will like you. I know this to be true after a couple of times traveling on a bus with strangers and several times with friends. Traveling brings out the worst in people especially when there's some major walking along cobblestones for hours, getting hungry. I'm one of those who just won't waste time. The same way that not everybody has the same taste when it comes to choosing a meal. Somebody will always be choosing whatever is cheapest, somebody will want the place with the shortest distance and somebody will want the best place for a photo. My advice is to just travel with someone you can forgive :)

At the end of it all, despite all that, one of my life's most precious and unforgettable moments remain to be that of when we sang to old school songs as we drove along Monaco's million dollar streets, in the throes of inebriation. It's that priceless moment of making it into your Italian train (sometimes late, sometimes early, sometimes never comes at all), with an open bottle of champagne in hand, barely on time. It's that thought while watching the sunset along Riomaggiore in Cinque Terre that life, partying like I'm 18 in the clubs of Florence and despite the shitty bits, the thing you ran away from in the first place, it's all good. Life is all good.