Things I Love Sundays: A Life to Call Your Own

Do you ever feel like your time, your life is completely not your own? I do. I've been having that nagging feeling for quite a time now. Won't go into the details but I'm just glad I got to address that in many ways this weekend. Don't get me wrong: I'm very happy for the most part, I guess not everything can be perfect :P

The truth is, life is a series and cycle of achieving things, and eventually moving on to new goals and objectives. I do think that now is a very different season of my life already, as I sat in a new group I call my own last Saturday. In it, I was with women who were in the same path as me, finding bliss in this season of their lives: finding me time in a life of husbands / long term boyfriends, kids {and in my case, Butters}, demanding jobs and everyday stresses. It's a very different group that I'm in, and for the first time ever, I didn't have to think about previous concerns anymore. I wasn't afraid that I was stepping on someone's sensitive toes or have to compete with someone. Can you imagine not having to compete? Best feeling ever.

Sharing with you some of the best things from work this week: Love and Taking Second Chances :P

And this one about coming home:

Can't wait to put my plans in place this week <3 Happy week ahead my dearest readers! xx