Review: Bobbi Brown Remedies

This is not your average skincare. If it's not yet obvious, I am a marketer in real life --- in my daily life, and I think I've been quite experienced in identifying which products should go where, marketed to whom and how. To this I say that Bobbi Brown Remedies, a hyper targeted skincare solution is for the women out there who know what their skin problem is.

  • Pores & Blemishes - Skin Clarifier No. 75

  • Dull & Tired Skin - Skin Reviver No. 91

  • Dry Parched Skin - Skin Moisture Solution No. 86

  • Loss of Elasticity - Skin Fortifier No. 93

  • Redness & Irritation - Skin Relief No. 80

  • Chapped, Cracked Skin - Skin Salve No. 57

Skin Reviver No. 91: I first read this from a Refinery29 article which called it Brussels sprouts for the face. I was extra excited to use it especially I've been on a healthy kick lately. I've been cooking healthy stuff at home, making fruit juices and smoothies and going on detoxes so this was just right up my alley.

The Verdict: It may take some time before one gets / feels some form of effect, especially if one needs exfoliation, like me on some days. I felt like my skin was so dull so I complimented this with some essences {CosRX AHA!}, and I've seen  how it just amplifies the effects of the other skincare I'm using. I'm happy to note that Skin Reviver 91 is just what I've always been looking for: the right essence I want to pat on my face in the middle of the day when my skin has been parched by the office airconditioning and the sun, when I go on my trips outside during lunch time.

Skin Moisture Solution No. 86: This was something I switched up with my current nighttime skincare and it was something different, first time I've ever experienced. It has that oily feel when you drop it into your fingers and applied but once it dries up in the morning, it's rather matte {a little sticky} but nonetheless dry. 

The Verdict: This may very well replace my current nighttime oils {currently using Bio Oil from Mercury Drug} and alternately, Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil. This is not too heavy for summertime which is right now and just right!

Both Bobbi Brown Skin Remedies are available at Bobbi Brown Boutiques, my favorite one at SM Megamall.