Rory & Sloan

I've long wanted to blog about this brand, Rory & Sloan, and that means a lot now that I don't write as much since I came back. Something is always happening, or I'm just too engrossed with the puppy or I'm working out or just relishing my time with my loves at home, getting a massage or relaxing. Before I left for NYC, sisters Shari and Raiza quietly launched what turned out to be this empowering and just incredibly feminine brand of power accessories, their brand Rory & Sloan. 


I was very much drawn to what the brand stood for: female empowerment that also fleshed out beauty, fashion smarts and confidence. Their maiden collection were named (Felicity) Smoak, (Rory and Lorelei) Gilmore, Marlowe. So pretty everything!

My personal favorites are Smoak and Paulsen {Donna Paulsen, who else?} and my upcoming orders are on their merry little way {Zane and these pretty balls, Olsen} and I'm just so excited. I love Rory & Sloan's website too, so efficient and pretty and they even have a nice blog with Rory & Sloan Gal Features!

I'm sure the girlboss in you is dying to get a pair. Hop on over to Rory & Sloan now! :)