What I Know For Sure: Voices

It's been a whirlwind of a week since coming back from a vacation that I muted myself off from work for. Work is awesome but was a tiny bit overwhelming this week. Add to that 3 intense workouts for the week {spin, lagree, spin, repeat}, and teaching a class on digital marketing, well, I am a very pooped out person.

Despite being exhausted out of my mind this week, I realized how much clearer the voice in my head is - and how truly listening to myself is an act of self love and self compassion and an absolute necessary step regularly. Hearing myself made me realize that there are certain beliefs I've held on to not because I believed them but because I heard them so many times I thought they were true. Or at times, a loved one told me that so many times, and maybe, it was true.


But they weren't. OR at least I didn't subscribe to these beliefs. It was such a groundbreaking week to be realizing I didn't believe in such so in honor of the the voice I want to listen to {myself}, I've stayed out of social media for more than 24 hours now and I've never felt so fresh and quiet and calm.

  1. You don't own anybody. Therefore, you can't tell anybody what to do or how to do it. You can only suggest and recommend values and principles but how others live their life, including the future mistakes, are for them to live out. I think a lot about this, how we feel we should be controlling the actions of others when just as God gave us free will, it's the same privilege we should be giving other people. And yes, even if they work for us!

  2. It's so hard to avoid marketing. UGH. I am not a fan of this right now cos I feel like things are so noisy and cluttered in Manila. Even the back of the bus in EDSA and the inside of the car has a screen marketing me something. I feel like this is my karma for being in digital marketing but since I've tried avoiding marketing, I realized how hard it is. Let's see and stay tuned for my next project on reverse engineering marketing.

  3. Fall and stand up. I fell to my knees last time I went to Lagree and in the kind words of Janie, the studio owner, she's fallen countless times too in the 9 years she's been in Lagree and the important thing is to stand up and try again.

  4. Sometimes, the only way to know how much less your body can take is to just strip it all off. I've been on a very minimalist lifestyle this week with my food: I'm on Whole 30 and Intermittent Fasting and I realized how much the body really needs -- much less! Sometimes, it's the mind that wants all the extra food, and it's usually nutrients, not calories that the body wants. It's extremely hard to determine the difference.

Happy September Week!