Imagination + Creativity = Team Manila

Imagination can go a long way. And where none seems to make sense, a creative person finds a story. 

It’s been a year since Team Manila welcomed Lomography and opened Philippine’s very own Lomographic Embassy. And now as we celebrate our one-year anniversary as Ambassadors, Team Manila will be having another one of its exhibit series entitled LOMOGRAPHICS, a collabo-experiment exhibition among invited lomographers, artists and writers.

LOMOGRAPHICS aspires to divulge the true essence of what we refer to as “happy accidents” or surprisingly captivating works of art. In this exhibit, each participant was given specific tasks for three days, where they would carry out at different times and at different locations. 
With their unbound imagination well intact, artists are to find connections in these seemingly unconnected elements and fuse together the output of each in their artworks. 

The end result of this collabo-experiment remains a mystery, even to us.

So join us in the anticipation of discovering serendipitous results on October 24, 7pm at Team Manila.