Summer shopping at Rockwell Urban Bazaar

Made a side trip to buy some clothes, swimwear and shoes from the bazaar. As always, they never disappoint. When we entered the bazaar, the BF told me he'll do his own shopping at the mall daw because I was in a trance already. *wink*

I actually planned to set some time for thorough shopping at the Urban Bazaar, but of course, I had a lot in my hands the whole weekend so I only managed to be at the bazaar for not more than 3 hours. The bad thing with short shopping trips is that I rarely contemplate if I really need the really fab thing in my hand, so I buy it *almost* immediately.

Had I lingered longer than I have, I would have probably be so much, if not already, poorer, right this very minute. Heh. I've been really sad that the shoe I wanted from Pill had no more stock. Come to think of it, it was one of the *major* reasons I opted to go to the bazaar, actually.

With Cheena at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar

My buys from the bazaar:

Toiletry bag from: Trendy Traveller

Yellow coverup from Soak Swimwear

Zebra-print dress from Amour by Cheena Ng-Lio

Black Satin Pumps from Moonshine Garb.

I can't wait for the next Urban bazaar! =D