Beating the Summer Blues

If I were to be stuck in a Philippine season, that would be SUMMER. Since the Philippines only have 2 seasons, Hot and Hotter, I'd gladly settle for HOT. 

Kidding. In the Philippines, we have the Summer and Rainy Seasons only. :(

It's been crazy hot for the past one and a half month and I've stashed away my knits and boots. To share, here are my steps in having a fun and non-irritating summer.

1. If you can, clothe only in cotton garments. Since the temperature is climbing up to more than 30 degrees Celsius, it's important to let your skin breathe. If you will be at the office all day, though, bring a jacket or a blazer because you will surely get cold inside an airconditioned room.

2. Slather on some SPF. Actually, this shouldn't be done only during summertime. SPF should be a part of one's regimen the whole year round since skin damage can also happen even when the sun isn't so bright. Applicable for this weather is SPF 55 or above. I myself use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch in SPF 70 and Aveeno Continuous Protection Sunblock Lotion SPF 30 when the sun is not "extra strength." According to my derma, one fourth teaspoon alone should be used in one arm.

3. Keep yourself hydrated. Water is the best ammo against heat stroke, a common occurence to some Filipinos during summer.More than 8 glasses is better at this kind of weather.

4. Moisturize. The weather can dry you up, or make you so oily it's not fun anymore! :) But more than anything else, it DOES dry up the skin, and in my case, the eye area, the MOST. To fix this, I keep a small container of my HG mositurizer, Olay Total Effects plus a small container of St. Ives' Eye Stress Gel to pat on every time my eye area gets dry. Keep a tub of your favorite lip balm as well because chapped lips ain't pretty :)

5. Bring your sunnies everywhere. Contrary to others' belief, sunnies are not only for the artistas (celebrities) so that they won't get recognized. :D Sunnies are made to prevent your eyes from the brightness that cause you to squint, and will eventually cause your crows' feet. Aside from slathering on eye creams at night, sunnies are a big help in preventing wrinkles and fine lines.

6. Bring your umbrella, ella, ella, always. Did you know that in NYC, people are not used to seeing anyone using an umbrella when it's sunny? :D Oh well. In the Philippines, ladies use their umbrellas every time it's sunny [as in 12:00 NN sunny -- which is CRAZY] and whenever it's rainy. And since there can only be two seasons, it's best to have your umbrella at any moment the weather goes bonkers.

7. Have your swimsuit ready at all times. Filipinos are such beachgoers, the average Filipino goes to the beach at least once a year. I, myself, have been to the beach twice already this year and have some plans of going back this month or in May! My favorite swimsuit brand is Soak Swimwear -- a brand made and designed by Filipinas! Soak Swimwear not only sells fab bikini designs, they have nice coverups, too!

Orange Palms swimwear from Soak
Image source

7.Enjoy! Summer is the season wherein most families hold their reunions and outings, as well as class reunion parties, office outings etc.[at least in the Philippines, I'm not sure in other countries]. Make sure you enjoy yourself with good, clean fun.

Happy summer!