My first FS pallette...

... and hella proud of it!

Oops, in this post, I meant Fanny Serrano when I said FS :) Fanny Serrano, btw, is a Filipino brand, that's why I'm proud.

I had literally no plans of buying anything today, all I wanted was just to go home and watch How I Met Your Mother, when N texted me and asked to meet up near the SM Department Store in Makati. While waiting for her, I browsed through racks and racks of toiletries, make up and even more make up, and this FS pallette caught my eye. They do look gorgeous even from afar -- looks pigmented, too! :) So I just had to try, and being a winner for price, bought it immediately. 

And I guess I WAS RIGHT! Or at least, me thinks I'm right! Ha :P Swatches of the FS pallette in Forest, below:

Fanny Serrano Forest pallette Ps. 350.00
[approx. USD 7.00]

[swiped on the e/s pan once]

A: is a shimmery green

B: yellowish gold

C: an iridescent purple 

D: a taupe-ish dark gray which has little specs of gold
[my fave in this quartet]

Now, moving on to the 4U2 pallette:

Aren't they gorgeous? 4u2 pallette in Diamond 35
Ps. 384.00[approx. USD 7.50]
Sale price is 50% off

Can't wait to practice on more looks this loooonnnggg weekend in the Phils.!
Um, after church, of course.