Vintage Craze

All of a sudden, I want a lot of vintage-y things. The other day, I was inspired by acid wash jeans. Today, I want vintage shirts, cameo necklaces and a Holga. It seems that I'm getting tossed back to the 90's or earlier --- a good thing, I must say.

via lookbook

It's been raining in Manila for a few days now and while it makes me want to just lie down and snooze, it's also giving me a sad and wild case of ADD. I've become so restless that I tend to do one thing, stop halfway, do something else and go back. It makes me want to leave all the structured things in life, everything that makes sense and just be carefree. If only it was THAT easy.

Zina D. via lookbook, she is THAT worth checking out, I tell ya.
Her outfits are insanely to die for.