Giddy and The Trick to Not Spending

I've been reading left and right about the fabulous Style Warrior Collection from MAC and honestly, I've been wayyyy tempted! But these past few days for me weren't exactly the best time to buy more makeup because I've rarely been applying any eye makeup at all :(

However, when the package from Mhean arrived --- my prize from her Earth Day contest, [thanks again, sweetie] 6 empty pans of MAC e/s which I would exchange for a tube of lipstick, it was well, very fortunate of me. But since I had to visit the MAC Store in Glorietta, I had to have that resolve not to buy anything now. And guess what? I'm actually good at it! I left my purse and my wallet in the car which made me push back all the retail lust that was building up as I was walking towards Glorietta 3, past The Ramp, Rustan's and finally, MAC. In a way it felt stupid because as I was there, I realized I needed to buy a pair of shoes for a new dress I will wear for a wedding. But that's another story -- and yes, I must forgive myself on this one.

I'm proud to say that I walked away of the MAC Store with only one tube of lipstick, in Giddy, nonetheless.

I originally wanted to snag the Frost shade in Bombshell but it was out of stock. I read from the Kikay Pinay's blog *waves at Shen* about Giddy and saw that it was a nice pink, not like in my photo and poof! :)

So yeah, MAC Giddy makes up for my hauling ban [at least for makeup and I don't even know how long this ban will last] plus the MAC Liquidlast Liner in Blue Herizon, which Mhean threw in to package as well.

What about you?
What is your technique to prevent yourself from buying stuff during
self-declared hauling bans?