Le Amour Stories

How are you all? It's now 1am as I type this and I just got home. I know that I promised myself that I will be coming home earlier than what I've been accustomed to but what do I know? Hanging out with friends and colleagues are always fun! So fun that I forgot to eat dinner and I am now contemplating if I should still eat because it's already past one now.

So anyhoo, if you've been reading my blog, you would know that I am an avid fan of my friend Cheena Ng-Lio's line Amour. Whenever I need a dress, I would have her in mind and no one else. She comes up with a design and take my measurements and all that and we meet up and I have this fab dress in my hands. The line is now turning a year old and she's holding a sort of a promo/contest:

To help celebrate turning one, AMOUR is giving out 5 exclusive dresses and 10 surprise items form AMOUR . We are giving it to the first 15 people who e-mail us at amourmanila@gmail.com with their pictures wearing AMOUR or YOUR OWN stories with the brand.

Amour will also revise it's prices for all the items from previous collection on great request, just for the whole WEEK! 

It's our privilege to create pieces that merely aim to enhance the beauty of every women.... Expect for more exciting pieces from us

Amour is seen through its designs.
Foolishness in secrecy.
You crave it.
You breathe it.
You live through it.
See life within its timeless sheets, fabrics, cuts and flow.


If you've got photos of yourself wearing an Amour creation, send it over to amourmanila@gmail.com! You just might win yourself an exclusive creation.

Oh and here's a preview of her next collection:

Can you feel me drooling from here?

Oh and here's my favorite from among the Amour dresses that I have:

Happy Wednesday, oops Thursday, everyone!
For all Philippine readers, it's our last day of work for the week
as it's a holiday on Friday! :D

Kisses! <3

Image source: Amour Manila