Blogger Love

Despite my erratic schedule and sleepless nights, I am smiling because:
 shu uemura Loose Powder and Revlon Lash Fantasy Mascara
 Gifts from the generous Frances of Topaz Horizon and Beauty for a Living.
Because we asked and we received. Thank you, Frances!
NYX Round Lipstick in Rose from Chris of Kavukz
Such a sweet nice-to-meet-you, gift. See you in Bora, soon!

 My Etsy haul came! Maya was sweet, too, adding the card that started it all:

 I cannot wait to post them all in my wall [Yes, I intend to stare at them myself.]
Be inspired yourself and give Maya's Etsy store a visit here.

One of the best things I love with blogging is that I only write [or speak] for myself. When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be the Opinion Editor for our school paper because I felt the need to speak of my opinions and be a little Conrado de Quiros. As it turns out, there was no post as such and my dreams of being the next de Quiros went down the drain. [I became the EIC though and made my editorials darn feisty.]

As the internet got more and more convenient to use, I discovered blogging. In a completely selfish way, I found it to be my heaven --- because 1) I love writing, sometimes long, and sometimes short posts and 2) I love writing about what I think of this and that and honestly, that is exactly the point of blogging.

It was a year and some months ago that I somehow pivoted towards beauty and general kaartehan thus, this blog was born. More than me writing about myself, I'm glad to have known girls who share my love for makeup and all things pretty, people I learn a lot from, both wisdom and lessons in life. So let me just thank everyone [you all know who you are, I hope] whose been keeping my fire to blog, for the friendship and the blogger love. Gracias and kisses!

PS: Frances is selling beauty stuff here for the benefit of a kid fighting cancer [how heartbreaking.] Please do have a look and you just might find something that will interest you and help Mio fight cancer in the process.

PPS: Do you want a free teeth whitening service? The very pretty and smart Crickette is giving away this expensive service for free[yes she's a dentist].  Hop on over to her blog and do join her anniversary contest. Good luck!

PPPS: The sexy and gorgeous Shen of Shen's Addiction is throwing a giveaway for her Philippine readers because it's her birthday! Do not forget to join, too! Good luck!