OL Store Love: City of Vintage

I am probably one of the biggest fans of Multiply selling since, well, early last year. Even before it became a rage, I've been in contact with sellers, with goods ranging from tights to Hello Kitty wheel covers [yes, I own one.] It's just a little treasure trove, isn't it? Multiply, I mean.

My girl, Mac, who is now based in Cebu City opened her Multiply store aptly called City of Vintage. Mac is probably one of the always-best-dressed persons I know and her opening a shop just fits the bill. She doesn't design clothes yet. Her store features unique vintage finds, something one would guess if present at her wedding.

Oh and I'm buying this belt [*giddy*] after she named it after me.

The rosettes are soooo ME! [or so I think, basta]

Noteworthy-items I'm drooling at right now:

Cindy Loafers [love how she names stuff. No pun intended!]

Lavinia Belt

Gabrielle Boyfriend Shirt with Sequins
and that's Mac right there

Want to see more of her stuff? Hop on over to her Multiply site.
All photos taken from above site, taken by Mark Cantalejo.