Tumblr: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

How have you been this Monday? I hope that even if the sun was beating our backs today, the sunshine and the warmth have made you smile, at least. No more flood thoughts and yes, I will take a break from that now :D

My Monday has been quite a whirlwind. The last week was devoted entirely to volunteering at work [repacking and stuff] and to a one-week project. My regular work has taken a backseat to those and now that we're back to regular programming, I was kind of in shock to find my workload like a big pile of dirty laundry waiting to be washed.  And wash a ton, was what I did.

Anyhoo, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you would notice that for the month of September,  I was blogging daily. During the last week, though, the posts came in no particular pattern. During those times, I only blogged whenever I had the time or the energy to do so. I never forgo reading blogs, though. However, when I can't write but feel the need to say something, express something, I get my Tumblr fix.

Tumblr is very much like Twitter [no need to explain that, right?]. In this case, no character limits, one can 'tweet' photos, even if it's not yours. Basically it's just a mood-board of some sort. Sharing photos, music, quotes and what not that you find interesting, inspiring, or scandalous even. As an internet etiquette, though, don't forget to enter the website of your source into the click-through field.

Now, the Good:

  • As Tumblr says, it really is the easiest way to blog. For someone like me who tends to have lotsa brain farts, Tumblring is the best way to deal with it. No excuses, no explanations, I just post whatever I like. And I don't need to do so much proofreading, Photoshopping or resizing because most of the time I just...
  • Reblog! Easier than easy blogging. In the stream of your dashboard are two buttons. One is a heart and one is a 'Reblog' button. Perfect.
  • All I need to see in one stream. No more page-turning, or clicking. 
  • I can follow only who I want   [well this applies to most social networking sites sooo.] and unfollow whenever I like.
  • Domain-friendly. You have your own domain? Cool. You can use it instead of username.tumblr.com. 
  • Inspiration/drool galore. For example: 

 Eva Longoria for Citizen K

 Well, hello, Mr. Franco.

 Events Etc.

And the one that gave a full minute of belly laughs:

And The Bad:

  • Things can get pretty redundant. One item you've seen 5 seconds ago may re-appear in your dashboard, tumblrd by another contact. On the other hand, if you're following a lot, the chances of you running into replicates will be much less.
  • NSFW. Some content are not safe for work. You know the ones.In short, Tumblr has very little censorship, it being a blog of some sort. Frankly, I do not mind and I don't follow for that. However, there are high-school kids on Tumblr [and other sites] and IMO, more discretion should be followed.
  •  IT'S SO ADDICTING! I've lost so much sleep over Tumblr. Because really, every second there's new content that's being uploaded, I reblog, and I see new content. Such a vicious cycle. Ask Sab *waves*
  • The theft. I've run into several cases of users who claim photos which are not theirs and the owner finds out so and so. I don't mind but whenever I see this, I unfollow everyone who's involved because these things can turn nasty.
All in all, I enjoy Tumblr-ing. It's a break from writing, which is both my work and my pleasure, because I'm only taking in the information I see, read stuff and be inspired with the photos. It will never make me give up blogging though, no matter how much I'm loving it.  But in case you decide to go the Tumblr way, my tumblr site is http://vodkalemonade.tumblr.com. See ya!

It's now 1:03 AM. I started this post at 10:30 PM and I just finished now. Must be all the Tumblr-ing in between. Yikes!

Oh and BTW, for everyone who will be around the South this October 17-18, the BFF will be having her first bazaar at the Cuenca Community Center at Ayala Alabang Village, 8 AM to 8 PM. She will be introducing her new store, House of Organics!


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