What's My Age Again?

One of my biggest frustrations in belonging to the corporate world was succumbing to the nagging fact that we will always be limited to suits, tailored dress shirts, even more tailored dresses, a-line skirts and pumps. While my style for almost four years now has always been this, there were days when I absolutely felt the need to wear a hat, boots and some feathers to work.

As if it wasn't hard enough, I work for one of the most conservative industries in the world: insurance. Mind you, not every insurance company have a conservative culture in terms of fashion. I've seen the Hong Kong counterpart of our company and let's just say that, well, they seem to have loosened up a bit with their fashion requirements. Surely, it was perfectly radical when one time, I came to work in my knee-high boots and a hat, really simple jeans and an old, huge shirt with a blazer and I tell you, the stares I had that day was enough for me to make me rich, only had they been money.

It is during these times I wished I worked for a creative ad agency. We hang out with people from a few floors up ours as their office is in the same tower and I'm always envious of how they could move about in their multi-colored Chucks, the outrageous jackets and the statement shirts.

So anyway, in an attempt to mix my age, my personality and the industry, into one outfit, and not be really boring, these were what I came up to wear yesterday:

 Top: Forever 21
Blazer: Details
Jeans: Levi's

City of Vintage
Chick Flick 

What about you? How do you mix age and rules?
Hope you're all having a fab weekend.