Things I Love Thursday

One moment, it's just the first day of a new decade (I really don't feel like debating, ha ha) then it's
now the middle of the week and I don't remember anything spectacular I've done! Ack!

Anyway, I've been having mood swings lately and I blame it on the highs I've been having. Sometimes
I put too much pressure on myself, rather subconsciously and I end up not meeting my own expectations.
Haha, labo.

So on to my TILT:

Apple Oatmeal. Crisp white tees [oh how I wish I could wear them everyday!]. Funky tags like these:


If I ever had these, I probably will never give them away cos they're too lovely!
Reading celebrity magazines. I'm catching up on a lot of my backlogs at work and in
my magazine reads and more than my fashion issues, I'm loving celebrity glossies more!
As I type this, Ok! Philippines' January issue is lying in my bed and waiting to be devoured.
So far, when I scanned it, I saw the features on Lea Michele's fashion style, celebrity hairstyles
through the years [who would've thought Gossip Girl's Dan Humphrey/Penn Badgley went through
a rockstar-ish phase?], and lots and lots of my youngest fashion icon, Suri Cruise!
Congrats for another successful ish, F!

Emma and Alex Watson for Burberry.

Old movies [well, about 7 years old] you'd watch over and over again.

Before Sunrise, 1994

Funny hits.

Emma Pillsbury's outfits in Glee!

But most of all, the ABCs of Happiness.

Happy Thursday, loves!

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