Nothing Ever Comes to Mind

It's been a good two (almost three) weeks that no posts came out of my fingers. Truth be told, I was swamped like I've never been before and I sometimes had this nagging feeling where my head feels like it's swimming in a ton of information that I haven't really blogged anything. It wasn't as if I had something sitting in my Drafts or anything. There were no unfinished sentences, no scribbles of my thoughts, no nothing. For the past weeks since I came back from Thailand, I felt like I've been thrown into a food mixer and the blades are just slowing down.

It's funny how some of the most therapeutic things in my life [such as writing] could take a backseat in a rather fast ride. For a while, I came home after 14 hours of work ready to collapse.

But He's been really good to me. There have been a bunch of things that I thought I'd never get, rungs I never thought I'd climb and people I never thought I'd be with. After a year of living in lethargy, I can say, after much denials that I am happy once again.

 Just like a little girl, my excitement for life had come back in full swing.

I'm just hoping that I get back to writing soon. Miss you girls and thank you for still keeping me in your browsers.