Things I Love Sunday

It's been a while since I've done my TILT/TILF series and I know how being busy becomes both a pain and un-surreal for an excuse, but thinking and being grateful of all the happy things in my life are always in order. After all, as I've been musing out to my friend D last Friday night, for someone approaching the quarter life, I am pretty giddy. It certainly feels like atop a rollercoaster, excited and scared for the big ride ahead. So for this weekend, here are the things I'm loving, making me genuinely happy. After all, there are no little things in life. Or there are, but they are not there for nothing and even the most obscure thing in the world can make you fall in love with life and what it has to offer.

1. Spontaneous theme park trips, spontaneous anything, really. I believe there's this little girl in me, who never grew up, always, so when my friends suggested we go to Enchanted Kingdom on a whim, I did not hesitate for a minute.

 On the top-most rung of Anchors Away [and this is my first time on that seat, haha]

2. Packed schedules and long lists of to do's. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, I bought my BDJ planners and promised every single time that I will plan my schedule and stick to it. Well, guess what. Only the information sheet had been filled out and my poor planners have been set aside. In the new year of 2010, I sat on my study chair and matching desk and wrote down my new year's resolutions, mapped out plans for career, social life and all the errands I could think of. Thankfully, I'm still on track with planning out the details of my day to this minute.

 A glimpse of my shoddy cursive <3

3. Florals and girly dresses. There is nothing like a floral City of Vintage skirt to cheer me up all day. And I mean all day.

 Top: Details
Skirt: City of Vintage
Shoes: Celine
Accessories: Random

4. Meeting bloggers whom you have so much in common, whom you feel like you've known a long time since you read each others' thoughts anyway and figure that online interaction is really a good foundation, a good lead to a beautiful friendship. 

 With birthday girl, Nikki, at The Body Shop Colour Me Spring event 

 Shen and Nikki goofing. I'm still waiting for my photos with Tish,
Jheng, Kay, Phoebe and Gem. Yes, I met a lot of beauty bloggers this weekend!

5.  Handwritten cards from the other side of the globe. I may love filling out pages of MS Word or content management canvasses but the novelty of writing and receiving a handwritten card hasn't worn off of me yet, in fact, I've come to appreciate it more every single time I receive one.

6. Chick Lit. I can be really geeky, reading all those books by Robert Greene, Roger Zelazny and Malcolm Gladwell but nothing fills my heart with rainbows than devouring chick lit. So sue me.

7. TV shows that are smart, witty and funny and never boring. I <3 you, Chuck Bartowski!

8. Lionel Richie's Easy Like Sunday Morning. Just because it brings back good Sunday mornings of breakfast, easy conversations and a well of smiles.


What are you loving today? Spill!