Of Beautiful Weddings and The Perfect Photographer

My friends say that my wedding [with whom that will be, and when is beyond me] will be the grandest, girliest and laciest of all. After all, I come across as a frilly, silly-crazed girl who probably dreamt of that perfect walk down the aisle since I was six. I can't say it ain't true, I know I've been thinking of it since my days of playing Chinese Garter and jackstones.

Growing up, I kind of put the wedding ideas at the back of my head as I discovered more and more people saying that marriages can be overrated and not as whack as it was supposed to be. For a time, I didn't really care much, except when I had to dress up and attend friends' weddings, which was a fun thing anyway! It has been recently when my faith to a long-lasting relationship and marriage was restored, albeit ironically, when I returned to singlehood.

I attended one of the most beautiful weddings in the history of my life last year, however, I've only seen the official photos recently and from there I concluded that I may not be able to have the heart to fork out hundreds of thousands for a designer gown, or book the most exclusive hotel or my dream beach wedding but I will most definitely get the awesome-st photographer known to me, and people who kinda do not fall to the traditionally classic wedding photographers: which is Mango Red.

Mac and Jordan are one of the people whom I know who are epitomes of true love. Mac has been based in Manila since birth and Jordan grew up in Cebu. All throughout their years of pre-wed relationship, they had both taken turns in flying out to each other, which to me is one of the sweetest things one can do. Today, both of them have settled down in Cebu and I try to see them whenever I'm there.

Let me share with you some photos they took at Mac's Wedding from 2009:

And of course, some of my photos:

Nervously plotting my escape from the Garter Toss

Now, wouldn't you wanna be married and have your photos taken by Mango Red? I do! But not very soon, though.