¿Qué te trae la alegría?

Or in plain English, what brings you joy?

It's the weekend once again and the only thing I think I can write about during are thoughts on happiness and love. It's still the Women's Month after all and I see that as the perfect excuse to make like a woman and be girly, happy, radiant and always positive. [Though really, it would be more fun to be all these throughout the year!]

So, here's what's been bringing me joy recently:

Have I told you that new software, any, is always always fun?

Canopy chairs and white sheets and well, just being at Buon Giorno, Tagaytay,

Buon Giorno's Grape Shake [yum!]

The Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland. Tell me you didn't laugh
from her antics!

Meeting friends from the blogging world. This is me with Sab.
I was with Shen, Nikki and Jamie that night, too though
I've yet to grab photos.

Spontaneous trips to Boracay.
Texts you receive in the wee hours of the morning and it can't make
you sleep anymore. Phone calls from the middle East.
People who'd go the lengths to choose a restaurant that has a lot of
desserts on the menu cos he knows how much you like sweets.
Ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner [yum!].

 Seeing a friend's store featured in a magazine with the accompanying text I helped put together.
City of Vintage on Meg March 2010
Friends who do equally spontaneous things. Friends who are supportive.
Watching Chuck.
Love and Happiness every single day.

¿Qué te trae la alegría?
(What brings you joy?)