Are You a Zoo York Fan?

If you're a fan of clothing line Zoo York, now is your chance to own a Zoo York Skateboard Key Ring, for every footwear and apparel purchase!

It seems like skateboarding is becoming more and more prominent in the country, but do you know where we can find the truest sense of skate in the metro? Only in Zoo York! FACT: Started in the 70’s in NYC, Zoo York began as a collective of artists, skaters and visionaries dedicated to the underground life in New York. It is a true skate shoe brand with great crossover appeal to the music and NYC scene. Evolving from NYC's "Soul Artists of Zoo York," Zoo York is TRUE skate footwear - UNBREAKABLE in all contexts.

In line with this, Zoo York has a great offering to the public. Get a free skateboard keyring for every regular purchase of footwear and apparel from May 21-June 30, 2010.

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