Be an Advocate and Share to your Friends and Win a Trip for 2 to Boracay

The most recent three months of my life has been a whirlwind --- flying to and fro Philippine provinces, hoisting up booths, talking to financial advisors, hosting press conferences and a myriad of other jobs. Lately, I haven't had the time to think how much impact our financial advocacy has been making -- until recently, when we were bombarded by positivity from people who are grateful in finding out what kinds of things they can do to make their hard-earned money work for them. Just recently, in one of our talks with an Iloilo media person, we learned that when we gave out a Personal Accident insurance card last year, one of their colleagues, unfortunately died. His family however, benefited from the coverage of the card and the money was able to send his kid to school. It's a morbid example, I know, and the thought still makes me shiver and sad. But knowing that our company had been able to save a family from being in debt after the loss of a loved one made it feel like, we are after all in a noble job.

As the digital marketing girl for the company I work for, I felt the need to reward people, the advocates for all their support, the support and endorsement we've been getting. One of the things I've been working on since April was this contest, It's Time! to Tell a Friend and Win a Trip for 2 to Boracay.

The mechanics are fairly easy: Register yourself as an advocate, share to friends and voila! You get a chance to win a 3D2N stay at Boracay Regency Lagoon, airplane fare including transfers and taxes.

For the complete terms and conditions, click here.

I'm really hoping you would join. After all, my dear readers have been extremely supportive in my previous It's Time! posts. I'm crossing my fingers one of you would win! Goodluck!