All Systems Go

I leave tomorrow, as the dawn breaks in.

Travel essentials:
My connecting flight tickets, my passport, my iPod, a book I like reading in planes
and my camera [obviously not in photo]

I know it wouldn't have been too big a deal if I wasn't having this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach, also known as separation anxiety with my work. My mother told me that if I brought along any semblance of a laptop and my VPN, she would disown me. After all, we are going on vacation and it would be 8 days of family time and bonding with my Mama. I do not deserve to work for even a minute during those 8 days, she says.

But I seriously have these weird feelings. Add to that my relationship with the internet [myself being the only person I know who still feels butterflies in her stomach while opening Firefox like it was 1994], I can barely breathe as I leave my precious laptop at home.

Anyhoo, since I just said I will be incommunicado [or not, surely I will be sneaking in some internet time with Mama's BB], I will definitely be missing reading all your blogs when I wake up. Not to fret, at least I have a lot to read and catch up on when I come back, yay!

Oh. After I return from Boracay that is [where I'll be en route to, as soon as the plane descends in Manila].

Will miss you all terribly,