14 Things About The Social Network

  1. I don't know why Mark Zuckerberg doesn't want to watch the movie. He wasn't painted badly. At all. EDIT: Oh. He saw it na, complete with appletinis. Thanks, Denise!
  2. I want to marry Cameron Winklevoss. The voice, the hair, the rowing prowess. I just wish he was like that in real life, too. It doesn't really help that the twins Cameron and Tyler were played by Armie Hammer aka Gabriel from Gossip Girl's Season 2.
  3. Facebook, originated from a dick move turned badass idea, "Who's hotter than who?"
  4. Heartbreaks, and everything that comes with it, usually turn into something good.
  5. Sean Parker is an asshole. But he isn't that bad looking. Kinda looks like Jesse Eisenberg, really.
  6. Dating geeks is truly like going on a Stairmaster. It's exhausting. Trust me on that.
  7. All that matters, in every game, is that you come in first. {or something to that effect}
  8. The internet is not written in pencil. It's written in ink.
  9. What's the algorithm of finding someone you can handle and can handle you?
  10. Erica Albright should be named one of the co-founders of Facebook.
  11. Facebook, probably the best social networking site now and maybe for more years to come, is indeed anchored on the human need to belong, to know, to satisfy curiosity, to be heard and to converse. It doesn't get any more complicated than that.
  12. People at Harvard are not thinking of ways to find a job. They are making ways to create a job.
  13. Cocaine, no matter how shitty your life already is, will still have the capability to f*** you over. 
  14. And yes, when the movie's conclusive sentences come running out, all you really wanna do is give Mark Zuckerberg a hug.

*Special thanks to Nuffnang and PLDT MyDSL.