Conversations with Mama #2

Me: Have you ever gone through quarter life crisis?
Mama: Yeah, but I hardly noticed. Why do you ask?
Me: Because I think I'm going through it now.
Mama: You've been in a crisis all your life, anak.
Me: WHAT?! Not just in my twenties?
Mama: Oh no. Lagi mong hindi alam gustong gawin sa buhay mo eh. You are always in a rush.
Me: Ganon?
Mama: Yes.
Me: I've always thought that was normal.
Mama: You were never meant to be normal. You were never meant to blend in.
Me: Oh my gosh, I'm going to start sobbing right now.
Mama: Ang drama mo talaga kahit kelan.

 Wisdom from Skype.

Incidentally, this is what God has to say, too:

Love, love and more love,