I am SJP's NYC

If I were to be asked what perfume I was.

The bottle is undoubtedly inspired by the frocks Patricia Field makes Carrie don.

It's not really because I have always been in love with SJP's Carrie Bradshaw, it's not because I relate to Carrie's quandaries in life, too much, really, to the love for shoes {erm, no, not Manolos, not yet}, to the flamboyant outfits, to the curls {why else would I stick to this hair}, or the love for books, and old love letters. It's not even the fickle-mindedness, nor the occasional trip on the ramp. Nevermind that my cure for the blues is a session with my SATC DVDs {I even own the movie DVDs, too} or the Kiss and Tell book. It's just that, well, when I sprayed it on, it felt like it was me. It didn't feel like my ex signature scent {Burberry Brit Sheer and Marc Jacobs Daisy, things I spray when I'm ambisyosa to smell mahinhin}. It felt ME and it felt great.

My mother has always asked me if I wanted anything from SJP's merchandise {from her clothes to her first fragrances} and somehow I never found myself wanting anything from her collections --- until I saw this promos for NYC, screaming in pink, florals and a touch of zebra, too. Without even thinking twice, I ordered it from Apothica.com and in a matter of two days, it reached my mother's US address, and soon enough it was on my hands.

Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC was developed by perfumer Honorine Blanc; the notes include mandarin, white osmanthus, strawberry, gardenia, honeysuckle, mimosa, rose, sandalwood, vanilla absolute, rum flavor and creamy musks. It is available in 15 ($25), 30 ($35) and 60 ($49) ml Eau de Toilette.

Generally, SJP's NYC is more strawberry-based than anything, and all the other notes in it smelled like an explosion fruits and flowers. It dries up nicely to a more musky than citrus scent, which is refreshing, considering I've always thought I'm a citrusy girl. SJP NYC, to put it bluntly, translates to girly, youthful fun. I have a habit of forming descriptions for perfumes as I perceive them. Little bit of trivia: I associate perfumes with people, too. If we've been friends for a considerable amount of time already, I have a way of identifying you by scent. Oh gosh, is that creepy?

Going back, exposing myself with a lot of perfumes over the years, I have learned to associate each of them {scents I have used through the years} with descriptions in my head, some of which are:
  • Burberry Brit Sheer - {age during use: early 20s} mahinhin, reserved girly girl, someone who looks up to Audrey Hepburn, someone I'd like to be, but isn't =P
  • Burberry Weekend - {age during use: early 20s} no nonsense woman, the good kind of bitchy, almost obsessed with details
  • Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers - {age during use: 18 onwards} sunshiney, always positive, always happy
  • Liz Claiborne Bora Bora - {age during use: 15 onwards} smells like lola spirit
  • Clinique Happy - {age during use: 12 onwards}this has been my signature scent back in sixth grade and I associate it with fun times, first crushes and lots and lots of giggling.
  • Clinique Happy Heart - {age during use: college days and a little during my early 20s}I remember when I first fell in love {of course, back then I thought it was truly falling in love}, romantic days, love letters and sweet text messages.
  • L de Lolita de Lempicka - {age during use: 23} fierce, tough, free-spirited, artistic and not a care in the world. Oh and I've been told I smelled like chocolate with this, too. Unfortunately, I have bad memories with this, too, that I don't use it anymore.
  • Gap Dream - {age during use: 13 till 18}this is the perfect "I'm a teenager" scent, IMO. Clean, light, and whimsical and not to forget, unisex.
  • Clean Baby Girl - {age during use: 23} just like how the name sounds, it smells clean, like a baby and very, very mahinhin girly
  • Marc Jacobs Daisy -{age during use: present} the scent reminds me of baby powder, mixed with floral notes, like a very soft spoken, feminine, can't-break-a-glass girl. Again, my ambisyon.
Now that I finally have met my fragrance soulmate, I can't help but grasp for the words to describe the whole "sniffing" experience. Incidentally, most of the adjectives I could think of start with the letter F.: fun, flamboyant, frivolous, flirty, frilly, fresh, fabulous. If I were to describe myself from outside looking in, that would be what I'd see. Of course there'd be not-so-good things, but who wants that in a scent, right?

After much stalking,  I saw that there had been a blogger event for SJP NYC's launch and I'm dying of envy:

 The Blogger Brunch venue

The Sweetie Pie restaurant <3

My signature color <3

The SJP NYC dress is pure <3, too.

Blogger and beauty editor Andrea Lavinthal is a deadringer for SJP.

Dear SJP, hope to meet you soon. Love, Fan Girl

SJP's NYC is (I think) not yet available at Rustan's or malls but they sure are available online at sites like Apothica.com at $49 (60 mL).

*All photos, except those with my watermark are from the SJP Fragrances Facebook page.

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