An Exercise in Gratitude

Today, I turn 25. Quite a few friends can attest to this: I was at my worst the past week. I have been irritable, moody, hormonal, this-is-so-sad-I-am-going-to-cry emotional. I have burst into tears randomly, thrown fits and tantrums every two hours and I can't even recall the reasons behind this moment.

But I have gotten over it, as I always do. I had been contemplating on what and how to attack my birthday post. I have come from a materialistic wishlist idea, moved on to a non-materialistic wishlist, a rant and finally, here I am. I have arrived to the message I want to say: I want to express my gratitude.

  • For my parents, because I have been given enough room to grow on my own, but still maintaining the guidance I need. Because I have the funniest, most tongue in cheek mother, {who recently told me "Anak, why are you so cranky? Maybe you should date even more."}, who doesn't tell me what to do and lets me be.
  • For my friends. For the old, for the new and for the unexpected. "Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are." If friends are the gauge of success in becoming who you want to be, then I consider myself successful.
  • The roof on my head, the money that I spend, the career that inspires me and all the things I need. There will be no end for the things I will want but I am eternally grateful for having the things I need to live, to be sane and to keep helping other people.
  • For the opportunities to write, the books I read and the information I learn every day
  • For the silence, no matter how scarce.
  • For the good health, the safety and the good life.
  • For this blog, that serves as my therapy and outlet, for its readers, most of which have become my friends in person.
Thank you <3

How very apt for a twenty five year old.
Photo snapped by Phoebe <3

Love, happiness and another year of being fab,