The Forever 21 Brand Ambassadors

Let me tell you a little bit about my love affair with Forever 21.

One of the reasons that I love having parents in the US for is because of my access to the brand Forever 21. Long before it hit the Asian shores, I have had some key pieces, mostly basics from this well-loved brand. I remember receiving snapshots of store displays in Manchester and Boston where my mom gets my stock of fashion fix, so I can choose. How can you not like the brand? It's fashion forward and it doesn't break the bank.When I was in the Bangkok store of Forever 21, my mind started singing Allelujah as I entered the store and I think I spent so much time deciphering what to pay for because I literally wanted everything.

Last outfit with a Forever 21 item:

Men's Shirt: Merona
High-waisted shorts: Forever 21
Flats: Staccato by CMG
Accessories: City of Vintage
Bag: CMG

In July of this year, frenzy ensued among the fashionable bunch of this city and populated the most populated mall: SM Megamall. I honestly still haven't been to the store here, no matter how much I want to. I am deathly scared of crowds these days. Forever 21's Marketing Manager Jane Kingsu - Cheng, says, however, the best time to come is on early morning weekdays. I just might schedule a leave for that soon. 

On my birthday night nonetheless, I was invited to a thanksgiving party at Members Only, hosted by Forever 21. Not only was it a thanksgiving party {hello, open bar!}, they also introduced their first ever Philippine brand ambassadors:

I honestly cannot think of any other name to become the Forever 21 ambassadors, most especially Tricia Gosingtian. I have so much admiration for the girl, for having accomplished so much at such a young age. She is very down to earth, too and is capable of so many things more than what she says in her blog "take photos of herself and change eyecolor." She is an inspiration to the younger generation and I'm glad Forever 21 chose her.

Ironically, I had no clothes from Forever 21 that were fit for Members Only, so I wore a little black dress from Kisses and Co.:

Little Black Dress: Kisses and Co.
Black strappies: SM Department Store
Clutch: Gift from C

    Lips: The Body Shop Colourglide #07

What's your Forever 21 story?