The Body Shop's Christmas Gift Sets and Holiday Collections are Here!

And they make it easier for people like me who despise Christmas shopping. I know that kind of makes me sound like a scrooge, but I have suddenly developed a mad feeling to despise Christmas shopping. I don't like going through so many stores, because I'm picky when it comes to gifts. I try to balance out my criteria for gift-giving e.g: it's something the recipient will like and it's something I like, something that speaks of my character. And with the Christmas rush in Manila getting more and more frantic year after year, I have honestly thought of hiding in a cave until December 24th.

But thanks to stores that mix and match items and put on them pretty bows, such as The Body Shop {and my other source of shopping, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf}, my shopping woes have been abetted, at least by a significant margin.

Here's some of the reasons why The Body Shop is one of the few things I love to give as gifts. As a brand, I love how it has been the pioneer of natural, organic and sustainable skincare and cosmetics. Even before when I was younger, I have always been loyal to their lip and cheek stain, the raspberry lip balm, and the mango body butter, among other things. During my last trip to Cebu, I realized I ran out of lotion and I can't stand using hotel lotion so I trooped to Ayala Center Cebu and bought a bottle of TBS' Sweet Lemon body lotion. I love that I get my money's value and quite frankly, everything in that store smells so yummy I have to wring my hands whenever I'm inside.

On a spontaneous mall trip, after a meeting, I made a quick spree at the TBS store, and took photos of them, too!

TBS Body wash and bath lilies <3 Who doesn't want to bathe in these goodies?

The TBS Winter Trend Collection in little, ready-to-give bundles! <3

 Shimmer bricks, lip glosses and Vitamin E!

Japanese Cherry Blossom sets 

But Christmas is everyone's favorite holiday, and The Body Shop just wouldn't let it pass by without the limited edition, available-only-on-holiday sets!

Spread happiness with the citrus goodness of Jolly Orange

Happy and aromatic, the Jolly Orange range evokes nostalgic memories of Christmas past.  Take comfort and joy in one of the best-loved scents of the season, available in a limited-edition range for bath, body and home.  Perfect to give as presents, the packs’ warm orange hues are sure to inspire seasonal goodwill and happiness.

One whiff from this jolly collection and I am immediately swarmed with memories of all my past summers, when I especially use citrusy scents, citrus-smelling products and all the citrusy fruits {not orange, though} come into full bloom.

Cranberry Joy is giving me that happy happy joy joy feeling.

Oh joy! Cranberries are back at The Body Shop with a new look and a new line-up.  Inspired by the festive fruit, the sumptuous Cranberry Joy range is rich in the scent of fresh and juicy berries.  Elegantly presented in vibrant red and deep plum coloured packaging, this mouth-watering range beautifully captures the mood of the season.

I had a sudden craving for turkey and cranberry sauce as soon as I read the word cranberry and caught a whiff of it. Of course, I had to immediately douse the craving as we don't normally celebrate Thanksgiving or eat turkey with cranberry sauce. If anything else, I could make like a turkey and lather up and drown myself in cranberry goodness.

Spiced Vanilla is sugar and spice <3

Lavish a loved-one with the wonderfully indulgent Spiced Vanilla range.  Evoking a world of luxury, these pampering treats have a deliciously sweet scent with a hint of spice that’s irresistible.  What’s more, these limited-edition products look as good as they smell thanks to their chic pack designs in caramel-coloured tones with contrasting flashes of festive red.

I gotta keep reminding myself that this is body butter, not vanilla butter. By that, I'm saying that this collection smells yummy enough to gobble down, or squish inside pillows of cream puffs.

Carted anything from the Body Shop lately? Tell me about it!