An Exercise in Savoir Faire

The last week of the year spells a lot of books closing, years to be rounded up, leaves to be turned. Being a relatively un-complicated person, the only book I'm closing is my year-long trusty BDJ 2010 planner, one that actually served me long, as opposed to its older sisters that I've only used about three or four months and conveniently forgot about them.

Some five years ago, I wouldn't even be seen toting a planner. I had nothing to plan. I doodled on the sides of my notebooks and fillers for my assignments, thesis notes and projects. I have about a thousand post its on my desk to represent every task I have to finish and I just toss them into the bin when I'm done. It was THAT easy.

Fast forward to 2010, I can barely live without some 60 spreads of my weeks, scribbled with the littlest of tasks, for fear of forgetting them. The most accomplishing of keeping a daily planner? Striking out the tasks I've done and seeing a week chock-full of chores, all of which have been done.

For three four years now, I've only trusted one planner to house all my to dos: the Belle de Jour planner. The incoming year is no different.

And as we usher in the year of 2011, I'd like to bid adieu with flourish to some of the pages of my 2010 BDJ planner, if only to remind me to keep it up next year:

On January 1st of 2010, I wrote them words above.
I've no idea what I meant when I said "To be more creative" 
but judging the way things have gone, circumstances can lead you
to be indeed, more creative. Hence, that's a check.

The 2010 Checklist according to Belle de Jour.

Some things I've been able to tick off (and proud to have!):
  • Stay away from toxic people. It wasn't easy but the positivity I was able to raise from this exercise was worth it.
  • Isolate yourself from the world for one day. Hello, social recluse.
  • Watch a play. I'm pretty sure musicals count. And with that, I think I've hit a pretty good number.
  • Get over that no-good for me ex.
  • Set aside funds for the rainy days. It can feel sad giving up some instant pick me uppers like
    shoes, clothes and new books but nothing beats that feeling of security knowing
    I have a respectable amount stashed away for emergencies.
  • Write your goals for the next year. Don't think I'd have to elaborate on this one, yeah?

 A Day Week in the Life of Tara Cabullo
Amongst my tasks this particular week was to play Plants vs. Zombies.
For work. Yes.

Now that I've paid my little homage to my outgoing planner, it's time to welcome the incoming, albeit still a little clean and smooth and smells of paper, not of the mish mash of scents of things in my bag {white musk, alcohol and books}.

The first week of 2011, whilst everyone I know is on vacay, I am left slaving off.
Which is refreshing, actually, now that I think about it. At the beginning of the week,
I tend to fill out the first few weeks and my handwriting is still discernible. Come
end of the week, YIKES.

Have you started planning out this coming year?