The Hunter and The Huntee

My friend J always say that there is no better place to immerse oneself other than a city's streets: where tires hit the ground, where the noise is the soundtrack and where there is an ephemeral climax every five minutes.

I've been stalking the Facehunter for quite some time now. I have a penchant for everyday fashion editorials, quirky street photos, culture and eccentricity.

Just take a look at some of these:

And the infamous shot:

When I received an email from another street-style / culture / lifestyle source, I was stoked beyond belief that the Switzerland-born, London/Paris-raised face hunter is dropping by Manila for a book signing {and hopefully to face hunt for hyper individuals, too}.

Yvan Rodic's Facehunter takes you through his sights around the world, focusing on style,
rather than fashion, authentic attitude rather than condescending. 
See you at Fully Booked, Yvan!

If you're free that day night, come with me?

*All images belong to Yvan Rodic.