Three Years.

 Today, I celebrate my third year with a special part of my life.

Three years ago, when I first joined the company I am working for now, I only did menial jobs {seriously though, this is an inside joke} and posed for the camera. Case in point:

Fast forward to three years after, I guess I have graduated from being a face in the materials. I have discovered what I love doing, identified what I don't, realized my personal strengths and acknowledged my weaknesses. Through the three years that whizzed by, I felt so taken cared of, found great, if not the best friends that I could ever find and matured in a curve that's too steep even in my own standards. I have found my place in the sun, and part of the job is being the person behind putting people's faces into the brand, too.

Handling this project was one of the highlights of my 2010. It was in that time that I have gotten to know a lot of people, making me realize that I wasn't the only one in love with my job and the company. There's a lot of us and it felt good to know.

Yes, we have a bunch of openings, too.

And here's a little video we did for the launch, too:

During the launch {yes, that's me in the beige coat}.

And here's my own testimonial from a year ago. I'm so arte forevah.

Nothing like knowing you're not only one
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