It's Fierce and It Called To Me: Charm TravelPro V3

A girl cannot have too many brushes. Beautiful, efficient brushes, that is.

It was back in April when Ms. Beauty and Minerals showed us a sneak peek of her latest creation: The Charm Travel Pro V3, which received praises instantly. I recall exclaiming how this was going to be the fierce bigger sister of her previous sets, the Travel Pro V1 and Travel Pro V2, which both came in baby pink. The hot pink on black stark contrast elicited an utmost apt reaction from me:

Very fierce. It called to me!
- Tara Cabullo, April 2, 2011

Throwing emails around with the girls {hello, you know who you are! :D) can always lead us to hilarious inside jokes and cryptic tweets. But, anyway, I'm extremely glad that after months and months of Sophie's hard work to come up with a sassy, mataray version of the Travel Pro series, it's finally out in all its fierce faux crocodile-skinned glory:

 The Eiffel Tower and Dutch windmills on the box. Can't get any wanderlust-y than that.
Travel Pro, it is!

Charm <3

Fourteen pieces of brush goodness, achieved from the softest blend of animal and synthetic hair.
Also, I couldn't help how this matches my passport holder {opens the same way, too!}

Now, as a makeup enthusiast {hardly doing this most days but of course, I am suddenly energized}, I can only think of reasons why if one had to have one set of brushes, it would be this. While its Holiday counterpart is also a travel-worthy companion {brought it with me to SG!}, if you are looking for that everyday set you can use for your corporate look, for fancy night outs, for weekend fresh faces, then this is for you.

But first, let me introduce you to its brushes:

Stippling {Dual Fibre} Brush This is best for liquid, HD foundations, though I use it mostly when applying MAC Studio Fix on my face for that "feeling flawless" look.

 The Charm TravelPro Powder Brush is perfect for powder foundation for that coverage we all need.
I use this for my Revlon Translucent Finisher though.

Charm Travel Pro V3 Angled Blush Brush makes your cheekbones pop out when used with your favorite blush. As for me, my current favorite blush on is shu uemura's Glow On in M Medium Pink 375. This is great if you're into contouring, too!

Charm Travel Pro V3 Foundation Brush. Foundation brushes help us apply liquid foundation evenly, without the streaks / harsh lines and without having to use our fingers. I use this whenever I apply Purederm BB Cream on me.

 Charm Travel Pro V3 Concealer Brush. It's never hygienic and wise to use fingers on them acne, pimples and blemishes we try to hide {I know I do, I am blemishy these days!} so this is of big use to me and I just love the density as I apply my trusty concealer.

Top: Eyebrow Brush and Bottom: Angled Eyeshadow Brush / Nose Brush. I have not tried the eyebrow brush because I have not gone back to eyebrow powders {still very much in love with MAC's Girl Boy}. As for the Angled Brush, I have yet to use it, too!

Charm Travel Pro V3 Blending Brush (top) and Pencil Point Brush (bottom). I had the privilege of seeing these in action way back in April, on myself nonetheless, when our team had a shoot with Sophie as my makeup artist.

 Charm Travel Pro V3 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush and Flat Liner Brush. Ever dependable, this eyeshadow brush works well both ways, whether wet or dry. I have used it in the past week using my staple Maybelline Golden Nuggets palette, as well as my Body Shop shadows. I don't apply my eyeliner via a brush so I 've yet to say something about the flat liner brush.

Charm Travel Pro V3 Lip Brush (top) Spoolie for the Eyebrows and Eyelashes and Bent Liner Brush. Have I ever gushed about the joy of applying lipstick with a lip brush? It's an unexplainable feeling, really. Applying lipstick with a brush versus just swiping it makes the color look more natural on the lips, stays on longer and you get to shape it, too!

If you're always bothered by clumpy mascara and/or magulong eyebrows, the spoolie is a heaven-sent! It serves as a comb to fix all those unruly hair!

And as for the bent liner, I'd have to get gel liner to be able to use it!

Other details of note:

  • Yay for the black crocodile case! Inasmuch a fan I am of pink, I'd be looking for color balance as the ferrules are already colored hot pink. Yay, too, for the hot pink zippers!
  • Cleaning and Care Guide. The best thing about Charm Brushes is that its maker is the ultimate brush lover so she understands how a user would sometimes be clueless on how to deal with cleaning and caring for brushes. LIKE ME, for example. The guide can be found at the back of the packaging and online, too.
  • I cannot get over its overall look, as I think of how appropriate it is for our age demographic {almost late twenties and up}, where we are in search of tools and accessories which evoke serious and fun at the same time. It's called me since Day 1.
  • The usual factors have been passed: No shedding, no bleeding.
  • How cute is the pencil-ish case of the lip brush? {Refer to photo above} SUPER CUTE!
  • Yay for the bigger brushes having individual, reusable plastic covers to keep them from getting sabog hair.
  • I truly got kilig upon seeing the customized box that came with the brushes. As a consumer, it makes us feel special when the things we get come in such adorable packaging.
  • Available online and offline and economical at Php 2,200.
2nd Floor, Serendra
(just beside Conti's )
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Crossings - Shangri-la Plaza Branch
G/F, Shangri-la Mall

Beauty & The Geeks
Eton Cyberpod E-Life ( Bldg 1 )

Charm makeup brushes available via LushShop

Can't wait to create more FOTDs and EOTDs with these fierce brushes! Thanks to Sophie for making my everyday makeup application happier and more charming than ever!

Happy Tuesday! xx