The Week in Pictures

I'm lying in bed and thinking I am a warm, toasty bun instead of the chilly little girl that I am during tonight's intense rains. I have spent all day wrapped in sheets, wishing I could do more than constantly tap away on my laptop. It's been an erratic-weather kind of day but I'm pretty sure I have nothing to complain about so I'll shut up about that.

Meanwhile, since there isn't much I can do outdoors {Metro Manila's main thoroughfares have been flooded most of the day --- wrote this on Tuesday}, I thought of recapping my week last week as a way of telling the universe I want more of these.

I caught Captain America on opening night and while I thought some parts were rather dragging, I loved Chris Evans as Steve Rogers and him as a skinny Steve was amazing. Thanks to Tommy Lee Jones, there was a handful of laugh-out-loud moments, too.

Hayley Atwell, IMO, is perfect as the voluptuous, drill-barking, red lipstick-wearing Peggy Carter.
And she and Chris Evans' Captain America look so good together even if they just kissed once <3

Thanks to J and personal trainer Dante {from Fitness First BGC}, I was introduced to the intense workout that is TRX. {Above image screencapped from the website} TRX is a suspension training program wherein most of the procedures use the TRX straps, using the hand or the feet. When Dante showed me what to do, he made it look so easy but when it was my turn, I was on my fifth rep and I was near cursing point already. Of course, since I am on my fitness streak for two months now, I welcomed the challenge and pushed forward. I woke up with a painful core {since its target is the core, arms and legs strength} but as always, that means it worked.

The TRX Plank {above} is my favorite because I can manage to do better than the guys :D

Yoga. I can say so much about yoga practice, how much I have {I think!} transformed ever since I've tried it out, how much I have learned the art of breathing, especially when in pain, how much meditation has helped me but I haven't gathered the energy yet. All I know is that it is the brightest spot in my heart right now and I'd drop most things {like drinking on evenings} for this. 


 Crepes and girl talk. My Friday night was void of alcohol and was spent talking to a good friend about .. life, really. I realized that sometimes all you really need is a girl friend, crepes and some good stories from life where wisdom can be derived not far, but in front of you.

An afternoon of girls, airbrush makeup and giggles. On Saturday, Nikki and Sophie and the Glambox girls {Val et al} gathered up with makeup artists and hobbyists to talk about Glambox airbrush makeup! I was there to witness how the whole thing works and now I want to airbrush my face everyday!

Hello there, little gun!

Hello, bottles of color!

Speaking of Ms. Beauty and Minerals, I finally have the much-coveted Charm Travel Pro V3 and oh my gosh! They are larger than life! I can't believe it's finally here! I shall, of course, provide a review soon!

Weekends mean chill time with my bed and yes, I am curling up with a new favorite!
{Technically, my favorite is still Cosmo but hey, I'm on a health streak so there!}

Me and my new happy place, Tourne by Chef Sandralyn Hataway.
Read more about my dining experience here.

That same night, the girls and I went to Simply Thai in Greenbelt 5 and I am speechless. Thai food has never been this good {well, I like it also in their sister resto, Thai at Silk at Serendra}

On the other side, a glass {or two three} of Mango Toska was enough to give me that I'm-on-the-SATC-cast again-and-I-am-Carrie-Bradshaw vibe again. I have been flying solo {and at home!] most weekends but it's good to be out again and to be celebrating life with girl friends.

And for that, thank YOU. Thank You for the chance to enjoy the simple things in life and for the ability to feel gratitude in my heart.

How was your week and your current week so far?