Day 24: Do you have saved text messages? If so, who are they from and why do you still have them?

Well, yes.

In this era of smartphones and multi-GB-sized storage, it's impossible to be concerned with messages that get accumulated in the phone. I have an iPhone -- which makes it even easier to track conversations because they appear just like that: thought bubbles.

Archiving has never been easier. Thank you, Steve Jobs and Apple.
As an example, I keep Shen's message because I text and iMessage her every once in a while especially when we have Team E outings.

To answer, do I have saved messages: Yes. When I delete a message, I tend to delete the entire conversation, meaning everything that person has sent me. But I don't do this a lot.

Saving text messages these days have gone from cheesy to practical -- since I do get a lot of information via text, and now iMessage, which I can just search for in the search field. I don't receive forwarded cheesy text messages anymore {thank goodness} but I do receive nice and kind messages once in a while which I just keep in the Messages.

Other than that, text messages are purely there for pragmatic reasons.