Day 26: What’s something you’re really excited for?

My birthday!

It's about 25 days till I turn 26 and I am excited about it because once again, just like when I turned 24, it will be in the presence of people I'd like to think I think alike {feeling!}. Yes, the 2011 Ad Congress takes place the same week as my 26th birthday!

If anything else, there are two things I love doing: learning and having a good time. In my experience, the past Philippine Ad Congress sessions have been a proof of those things. Not too shabby to be my birthday celebration, yeah?

Oh and as if it couldn't get any better, this year's venue is the Camsur Watersports Complex! Looks like aside from surfing, I shall be discovering wakeboarding this year, too!

Dream on, T, but hey that's not such a bad idea!
Images via CWC web

Oh and in the same week, this is going to happen, too!

The Sun rises at Bonifacio Global City.
We shall be transferring to our Fort office! I will miss Makati but I can't wait to be at the BGC neighborhood!

So. That's what I'm excited for. And the Jason Mraz concert this weekend.
What about you?