Day 29: Picture of your makeup collection

I was initially kind of iffy to take pictures of my makeup for the following reasons:

  • That would mean I'd have to take everything out once again when I was just done cleaning {yes, productive long weekend!}
  • I don't exactly have a 'collection,' I have stuff I bought for matters like eyebags that need hiding, basic foundation, finishing powder, blush, mascara etc. Most of my makeup are gifts.
  • I think that just like food, makeup is not something to be stocked of so much of
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with having much makeup, in fact, I find myself buying makeup I feel that I need sometimes. However, now that I look back at all those years I've been into makeup and into this blog, I realize that there were so much I've bought and never used. There were those I gave away and those I've sold at half the price. While they do benefit other people still, despite me not using them {which was the purpose of why they were bought in the first place}, I think, to be pragmatic about it, that a girl should really think twice before buying something that is not a matter of life and death, makeupwise. Especially since like food, makeup and cosmetics have definite shelf lives.

These days, I find myself carrying 50% of makeup that is sent or gifted to me by PR agencies or brands. Luckily, that helps in lessening the trips I have to take to find a good concealer, or a new powder, or a brightening powder, which usually leads to me finding something I absolutely don't need therefore leading to more clutter and expenses. {Shoutouts to PR agencies and brands who trust in my blog for their products! And honestly, who doesn't like free stuff?}

And so for this challenge's sake, here's a photo of two items I have on rotation the most because I have too many of them.

Powder, Foundation and base stuff

And lipsticks. These are just the ones I rotate on a daily basis.

What's on your makeup 'collection?'